Sexy Curvy Drea
So many young women today feel like they need to be ashamed of having a voluptuous body. If I could go back to talk to 15 year old me, I would tell her not to spend so much time ridiculing yourself. These guys that seem to ignore you right now, will totally be confessing their love for you in a few more years. P.S. They are all loser in 15 years, so just play it safe #SmashNRun O.o

If foul language and humor make you uncomfortable, this is not the page for you! Sorry dolls!
Busy Day!

So many things to get done today, and I have no desire to do any of them. I will find motivation via Green Tea pills shortly. Working on a couple of articles/blogs featuring some of my favorite plus size girls who ooze confidence and sexy. I want to know what was the turning point that made these woman (of various ages) decide “to hell with what society thinks! I am damn sexy and curvy, and I love it!!” 

It took me many years to accept myself and learn to love myself. I have had the opportunity to know what it is like to be both plus size and “normal sized”. It can be helpful, but it can also cause a huge cluster fuck in the mind. I know first hand what it is like to be treated differently based on my size. 

My world is not so stressful because I have dropped my give a fuck about what other people think of me. My only concerns now are staying healthy for my family and being fanfuckingtastic doing it!




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